How to Fix Car Speakers by Yourself

How to Fix Car Speakers by Yourself

Suppose you love music and long drive you should know How to Fix Car Speakers by Yourself. After you heard the name of the man behind the conception of the new Lamborghini, did you wish I were a mechanical engineer?!

Or, Hearing the salary of the head engineer of BMW, did you want to if I were an engineer? I think you were. Everyone desires to be like them, and it’s natural. Interestingly, I am going to fulfill a tiny portion of your desire.

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Yes, you read it! I will instruct you on How to Fix Car Speakers by Yourself. How do your repair your car speaker by yourself? However, my guide will not give you fame like a Lamborghini creator or a salary like a BMW engineer, but surely it will save you time and money.

Want to know ” how to fix car speakers”, So let’s move forward.

 Four Regular Repairing Problems on How to Repair Car speaker

We install speakers to enjoy the clear and live sound, but this clarity and liveliness sometimes get stuck by technical problems. Moreover, as buying a pair of new speakers engrosses some dollars, it is rigid for anyone to change his car speaker repeatedly.

However, in the case of some simple and everyday problems, repairing can save us some bucks. So here, I will instruct you on how to repair your speaker with effort.

How to Fix Car Speakers by Yourself

1. Repairing The Speaker Hole

The hole in the speaker cone is typically created by the invasion of insects and colossal volume. After the hole has been completed, the speaker sounds lifeless. If your speaker is suffering from this kind of problem, you are in the right place as I will show you how you can repair your speaker’s hole—the 9 Steps Speaker Hole Repairing Process.

uninstall your speaker

Firstly remove the screws and the fasteners of your speakers using the right tools, and then disconnect the connectors. Keep your speaker in a protected area.

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material collection

Collect a material that matches the fabric of the cone. To repair the hole same type and density material is best. You can use paper to improve if you do not get a similar one. The collected material must be solid and durable.

prepare the speaker

As the speaker is old, you should make it clean before repairing it. You can use a smooth brush to clean your speaker.

remove the dangling edges

Using scissors or razors, remove the dangling edges of the speaker. Moreover, it will be easy to repair if the hole is small and smooth, and the repair will last longer.

cut the mending materials

The patch should be the same or slightly larger than the hole size, so cut the material, remembering the hole size. I think a somewhat larger size patch ensures more stability than the same size patch.

Painting the fingernail polish

Apply the fingernail polish along the edge of the hole and the patch.

attach the patch

Attach the patch to the hole. Apply your hand smoothly over the patch to ensure strong bonding.

dry the speaker

After attaching the patch to the speaker, allow the speaker in a safe place for drying. Drying makes the bonding solid and durable.

install the speaker

Ensure that you have done your repair perfectly. Then, for security purposes, you can re-check the speaker and reinstall it in the right place.

2. Repairing Speaker Tear

Here is another common problem with car speakers. If you are facing this, follow the steps stated below.

uninstall and prepare the speaker

Uninstall the affected speaker using the right pieces of tools. Then, carefully clean the speaker using a soft brush.

applying fingernail polish

Apply slight fingernail polish on the tear. Apply this on both sides of the affected area, then keep it in a safe place for drying.

applying second coat and dry again

After drying the first coat, apply fingernail polish again on the tear and dry it again.

install the speaker

Make sure the tear has been repaired perfectly then reinstall the speaker in your car.

3. Repair Cracking Car Speaker

If your speaker has been cracked and you are revolving for a solution, simply follow these steps to repair your speaker.

tools arrangement

You need three tools to repair your cracked speaker. Here they are.

  1. Crazy Glue
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Rubber gloves for handling

uninstall the speaker

Uninstall the cracking speaker using the right tools and drivers.

applying the glue

Apply some crazy glue under the center part in little segments and hold your fingers on and under both parts of the speaker for 30 seconds. Ensure proper ventilation for it to stick the glue well.

applying the hot glue

Apply some hot glue in each little hole and all around for isolation. Dry the speaker for a few minutes.

reinstall the speaker

After drying the speaker, you can reinstall it in the right place. Now you can justify the sound of the speakers.

4. Repairing Blown Subwoofer

A blown subwoofer can seriously destroy the music. However, buying a new subwoofer is expensive, so repairing the blown one can be a better solution. Follow these steps to repair your blown speaker.

remove your speaker

Remove the speaker from the panel removing the screws and the fasteners.

scraping the surround

Scrap the surround away from the ends of the speaker using a putty knife. Make sure that you have removed it ideally from the speaker frame.

remove old voice coil

Using the putty knife pry out the speaker cone and voice coil. Separate the terminal wires from the voice coil. After this separation, removes the old cone, old voice coil, and the old spider.

insert the new voice coil

Before inserting the voice coil, clean the voice coil gap properly. Then insert the new coil in the gap. Situate the spider around the voice coil. Apply some glue to the cone, then perfectly fit the cone onto the voice coil. Permit the combination for 24 hours to dry.

embed glue around the frame

Embed some glue around the frame and placed it carefully on the edges of the cone and the frame. Let this combination another 24 hours to dry.

wire circulation

Attach the old terminal wires with the new wires of the cone/voice coil. If the new one has no wire, then connect the small wires to the terminal wires and then drill a tiny hole in the cone. After drilling the hole, Lope these wires through the holes and attach them to the voice coil.

reinstall the speaker

After finishing all the steps, remount the speaker in its proper place using screws and fasteners.

How to Fix Car Speakers by Yourself

It’s Your Turn

Do you know the distance between ‘how to do’ and ‘I can do? I know it’s a good outline. I think you have the best outline, so start repairing your speaker yourself. But follow every step wisely or seek help from an experienced person to avoid any difficulty. You can also write your problem in the comment box below about how to fix car speakers. I will get to you as soon as possible and solve your problem.

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