Kenwood KFC 1665S Reviews

Kenwood KFC 1665S Reviews

Buying car speakers is not so simple. This might make you confused with lots of brands, designs and no of speakers and so on. But if you are honestly searching for a good audio system, you can go for Kenwood KFC 1665S Reviews.

Why will you choose Kenwood speakers, particularly Kenwood Kfc-1665s model?

Well, the straight answer is that Kfc 1665s is the best model in the present marketplace. Though Kenwood launched lots of models like Kenwood KFC-1665r or  Kenwood Kfc 6965s I mainly suggest the only Kfc-1665s 3-way speakers.

And today I am here to give you a full idea about KFC 1665s reviews in my review session. I expect it will help you to make a decision (speaker buying for your car) strongly and also fulfill your all prospects.

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Kenwood KFC 1665S Reviews:

By the name, you can easily understand Kfc-1665s of Kenwood is a combination of 2-way and 3-way sound systems. That is, you are getting the double-way (2-way and 3-way), car speakers, at the same price. So, if you are confused about which will be the batter 2 way (one woofer and one tweeter) or 3 ways (one woofer and two tweeters) you can directly choose  Kfc 1665s from Kenwood.

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Rather than this, it is also a coaxial speaker. Although you can get a number of component car audio systems on the market coaxial sound system Kenwood KFC 1665s is the best one because of its easy installation system and affordable price structure.

In KFC 1665s you will get two sizes of speakers. One is 6.5″ 2-way and the other is 6×9″ 3-way. All core features of both types of speakers are exactly the same. So, let us see all features of Kenwood 1665s so that you can think more about this……..

Great woofer:

The woofer of Kenwood 6×9 3-way speakers is made differently that provides low frequency and high-quality sound effects. For both, 6.5″ and 6×9″ speakers the woofer produces a frequency response of 22 kHz. It is also lightweight and PP cone-shaped. The magnet weight of the woofer is only 0.2lbs.

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Super Cool Tweeters:

Kenwood KFC-1665S

If you want to get better quality sound, you should choose good configuration tweeters. Good pattern tweeters are nothing but which produce a high-frequency range.

In this term, you can say Kenwood 6.5″ 3-way speakers are the best choice. Because it has two superb tweeters that produce maximum frequency response 30 Hz and 35 Hz for 6.5″ and 6×9″ speakers. It is also balanced dome-shaped with good damping and less mass.

Power Handling and RMS Power:

As Kenwood KFC 1665s is a combination of 2-ways and 3-way speakers, the maximum power consumes for both of the audio systems are 300 watts and 400 watts. RMS power for 2-ways is 30 w and for 3-way is 45 watts. So, what are you feeling? Want to order now? Or having little interest to look furthermore?

Auto-Fit Grill:

In the Kenwood 1665s model, the grill of the woofer is auto-attached. It looks great in fitting the grill protective system. But you can add extra or change the grill by simply de-attach the grill and fixing your own one.

Now, this is all about descriptive issues you must look at while buying car speakers. Like me, you must be knowing car speakers are not only entertaining equipment but also can relief you from the boring journey or driving. So, it is better to know some other aspects so that you can order now.

Some Other Important Features:

  • Polypropylene cone
  • Impedance: 4 ohms for both speakers
  • Top accumulate Depth: 1-11/16″
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Overall Weight: 2.3lbs
  • Cutout Diameter (5″): 4-7/8inch

The Speakers are Best For:

  • The person who wants to enjoy car sitting with songs.
  • Any vehicles that support sound systems.
  • All ages of people. Even a small child will love the mid-ranges and the mid-bass sound of this speaker.

Additional Hardware With the Speaker:

  • Instruction manual.
  • Warranty card.
  • Mounting screws.
  • Additional tweeter hardware brackets.
  • Speaker wires.

Kenwood KFC-1665s Installation:

By this time, if you have already planned to buy this product then Undoubtedly you have taken the right decision. Because you will be surprised by seeing its installation process. You yourself can do it by following the instruction manual. No need to call an expert and spend more.


  • An awesome speaker within a reasonable budget.
  • No need to add anchors or make another mount to fix the car door.
  • The speaker wires are absolutely harnessing.
  • Better performance compares to factory speakers.
  • The sounds first-class at every range.
  • Lightweight and handy.


  • You might need to add subwoofers and amplifiers to get the best result.
  • You might feel less bass sound.
  • Maintain properly in order to stop crackling.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

1. Do we need to drill separately to fix the speakers?

No, the mount holes are enough to fix the speakers.

2. Is it possible to enjoy high, medium, and low bids altogether?

Yes, of course, it is possible.

3. Can we use this speaker instead of OEM?

Absolutely yes. It is great for OEM replacement.

4. Totally how many speakers does it have?

You will get four speakers in this package.

5. Will it fit all car models?

Definitely. But be careful while installing. Because you need to place front and back speakers according to car model and size.

Kenwood KFC 1665S Reviews
Kenwood KFC 1665S Reviews

Final words:

So, after examining all the features, pros, and cons are you not excited to have this speaker in your car? I expect you are. However, I would also suggest you consider the below points before buying any brand speaker.

  • Brand name with the latest model.
  • Sound quality.

If you truly consider mentioned points, do not you feel that Kenwood speakers especially the Kenwood KFC 1665s model are worth, not only the price but everything? I assure you, you will also have the same experience after using it only once. Though you might get a bit problem with sound superiority but believe me, you will not get better speakers within your budget range. So, what are you looking for?

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