Polk Audio Magnifi Sound Bar Reviews

Polk Audio Magnifi Sound Bar Reviews with Wireless Subwoofer System

Today we discuss Polk Audio Magnifi Sound Bar Reviews and the details. So, I was binge-watching ‘The Goldbergs’ season 1 on Netflix this Saturday, and after an episode, I was hooked since it was a complete reflection of my childhood in the ’80s! Especially, when Berry was driving into the woods to join the year’s biggest party and was singing along to D.M.C.’s “It’s Tricky”. (My boyhood favorite)

I mean, who hasn’t done that? Rap was a new hype….and of course, it was an amazing feeling when your favorite hit came on the radio! The beat was rocking, the rhyme was catchy, and singing along……more enjoyable than attending a Madison Square Garden concert!

Actually, not just then. Singing along to your favorite song in the car is always a pleasant experience, and it’s also the ultimate solution to your travel boredom.

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But this fun experience is only possible when your car speaker system is on fire. And here’s the problem, our car speaker is often anything but that. The bass may maybe too noisy, or sometimes the sound stops for a split second. And of course, often the speech delivery system is so nasty that is bound to result in ‘misheard lyrics’ YouTube videos.

Yup, it’s never fun that way. If you want the full taste of rocking bass and clear speech, you gotta have the best system in your car. And that best bass performance with explicit speech is only possible with the best car audio subwoofer and soundbar. Because the best subwoofers are an excellent choice for high-quality bass delivery quality sound bars are perfect for voice lifting.

Polk Audio DB651 Review

So, if you’re looking for the best car subwoofer for high-quality bass and the best soundbar for explicit sound, we have something for you: Polk Audio MagniFi Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System.

The best quality stereo system and guess what, it’s one of the best subwoofers under 500 dollars. In fact, if you’re looking for the best cheap subwoofer, you can consider Polk Audio MagniFi Wireless Subwoofer.

Polk Audio Magnifi Sound Bar Reviews:

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Singing along to the exact lyrics and listening to the game without getting any tweeter spoilers: do all of these things swiftly with the help of the best subwoofer and the sound bar set up; our smart Polk Audio MagniFi Wireless Subwoofer System.

This Wireless Subwoofer is engineered with Polk’s patent-pending voice to adjust technology for volume-level upgrades.

For your hearing convenience, this sound bar comes with three different audio modes: Music, movie, and sports. Turn your desired mode on for the best performance. The 7-inch subwoofer works wirelessly so that you can place it anywhere in your car.

Polk Audio subwoofer features separate equalizers for bass, vocal, and master volume. Cable installation isn’t included, so the system setup doesn’t require any wiring and gets installed in no time.

The soundbar and subwoofer system feature Bluetooth for wireless connection, so you can easily connect any Bluetooth-enabled device in your car with the subwoofers. With volume lifting options and distinct bass, Polk Audio MagniFi Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System undoubtedly feature the best subwoofer under 500 dollars.

For your utter convenience, Polk Audio Soundbar with wireless subwoofer features has been thoroughly discussed in the article below. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Voice Adjust Technology:

Listening to music is never enjoyable if there is some sort of distortion or noise in the speakers, it also loses the attraction with woofer’s or subwoofer’s high volume bass. Without speech clarity, listening to game updates or news becomes almost impossible. With Polk’s patent-pending Voice Adjust Technology, this glitch has been solved.

No matter, what frequency the audio holds or how low the sound is, you can easily adjust the sound for your hearing convenience. By equalizing the notes, you can get the exact audio level you want with this Voice Adjust Technology’s adjustable 3-element line arrays. So, no more speech glitches!

Night Effect Mode:

Though it’s actually designed for a home theater system, you can use it for your car too when looking for a certain level of low volume.

Different modes for Movies, Music, and Sports:

Different frequencies produce different sounds. So, when you’re trying to balance them with the basic equalizer, the ideal level for a Marvel movie may not be perfect for a Beethoven score.

Besides, the music frequency isn’t compatible with all the chirping and cheering chaos of the stadium. That’s why this system features three different modes for Movies, Music, and Sports.

Separate Equalizers:

Sometimes adjusting volume can’t give you the best performance only because of one single equalizer for all notes. A song may sound good with low treble and high mid, but a single equalizer raises all the frequencies at the same time and causes sound distortion. Polk Audio Wireless Subwoofer features separate equalizers so that you can adjust vocal, bass, and master volume separately.

7-inch Polk Subwoofer with Clear Bass:

Woofers are always there to control low frequencies; but by adding subwoofers, the frequency becomes more powerful. Constructed with robust clothing to stand strong waves.

This speaker is perfect for shallow spaces in the car. Since it’s a wireless subwoofer, installation doesn’t require much hustle and you can place it anywhere. Not just the vibration, this subwoofer gives you the full taste of plucky and distinct bass. You can adjust the bass level through the soundbar, which makes it a suitable subwoofer for under 500 dollars.

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Bluetooth Connection and Cable Function:

Polk Audio MagniFi SoundBar and Wireless Subwoofer System mainly work with Bluetooth connection, which enables you to connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether it’s the Bluetooth-driven car stereo system or your smartphone.

The subwoofer features a ‘Sub input’ to be linked with the soundbar, but it’s not mandatory. Toslink Optical cable and Analog 3.5mm Mini-Jack are included for audio input.

Easy Installation:

Polk Audio Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer system is pretty easy to install. You can mount it anywhere, and there isn’t any complicated wiring for installation. And the soundbar and subwoofer size are perfect for any car.

SmartBar IR Learning:

The soundbar is compatible with your existing system’s remote control; another smart option for the best choice.


Works with 240 watts peak power handling. Delivers high-quality sound within 40 Hz-22 kHz frequency.

Polk Audio T50

This Product is Designed For:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Van
  • RV


  • Polk’s patented voice adjust technology
  • Night effect mode
  • Movie, music, and sports mode
  • Bluetooth connection
  • SmartBar IR learning process


  • Vocal can be too high-pitched sometimes
  • Subwoofer speakers come out sometimes because of installation simplicity

Faqs for Polk Audio Magnifi Sound Bar Reviews :

q: Is this grill fabric?

Ans. Yes.

q: Do you need an amp or a receiver with it?

Ans. No.

q: How can i know the sound bar is on?

Ans. You can detect it by reading the light on the MagniFi soundbar.

q: Can it be controlled by any smartphone’s applicable app?

Ans. Yes.

Polk Audio Magnifi Sound Bar Reviews

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best subwoofer within your budget, Polk Audio MagniFi SoundBar and Wireless Subwoofer System is a perfect choice. It’s not just some subwoofer speaker system for bass.

This system takes care of both bass and gorgeous vocal; which gives you the best experience of groovy bass of hip-hop and an evident update of Superbowl.

So, when you’re getting a complete stereo package in the disguise of a subwoofer system, Polk audio soundbar with wireless subwoofer System undoubtedly comes with the best subwoofer for under 500 dollars.

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