What Accessories Fit Rearview Mirror?

Wondering which accessories can be found in your rearview mirror? Look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of rearview mirror accessories and explore the possibilities that await you. From practical gadgets to stylish additions, we’ll uncover the various items that can enhance your driving experience. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s embark on a journey to discover which of these accessories may be contained in the rearview mirror.

What Accessories Fit Rearview Mirror? Find Out!

Which Accessories Can Be Contained in the Rearview Mirror?

When it comes to car accessories, the rearview mirror is often overlooked. We tend to focus on gadgets and embellishments for the exterior or interior of the vehicle, but the rearview mirror can also be a practical and convenient spot to store certain accessories. In this article, we will explore the various accessories that can be contained in the rearview mirror, providing you with ideas to enhance your driving experience.

1. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a popular accessory for many vehicle owners. Instead of hanging them from the rearview mirror itself, you can utilize the mirror’s attachment point to conveniently hold your favorite scented air freshener. This keeps your car smelling fresh and pleasant without obstructing your line of sight.

2. Parking Passes and Toll Tags

If you frequently park in lots or use toll roads, having your parking pass or toll tag within easy reach can save time and hassle. Simply attach the pass or tag to the rearview mirror using a specialized clip or adhesive strip. This allows for quick access and easy placement when needed.

3. Sunglasses Holder

For those sunny drives, having a dedicated spot for your sunglasses can be incredibly useful. Many rearview mirrors come with a built-in sunglasses holder, allowing you to securely store your shades and keep them within arm’s reach. No more fumbling around in your glove compartment or searching through your bags for your sunglasses!

4. Dash Cams

Dash cams have become increasingly popular for capturing accidents, protecting against theft, and recording scenic road trips. Attaching your dash cam to the rearview mirror provides an optimal vantage point for recording the road ahead while keeping your view unobstructed. Check the compatibility of your mirror and the dash cam mount to ensure a secure fit.

5. Bluetooth Devices

Hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming have become essential for many drivers. Rearview mirrors with built-in Bluetooth technology allow you to connect your smartphone seamlessly. This eliminates the need for additional mounts or clips and keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

6. Garage Door Opener

If your vehicle is equipped with a built-in garage door opener, attaching it to the rearview mirror can be a convenient solution. This ensures that you always have easy access to open your garage door without the hassle of searching for a separate remote.

7. Compass or Thermometer

Some rearview mirrors incorporate additional features like a built-in compass or thermometer. These can be handy for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and off-road adventurers who want quick access to this information while on the go.

8. Parking Assist Display

Modern vehicles often come equipped with parking assist systems that display information on the rearview mirror. These displays assist drivers in parking by showing proximity sensors, rearview camera feeds, or parking guidelines. The rearview mirror acts as an ideal location to keep these displays easily visible while driving.

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9. Microfiber Cloth

Maintaining a clean and streak-free rearview mirror is crucial for optimal visibility. Attaching a microfiber cloth to the mirror allows you to quickly wipe away fingerprints, smudges, and dust. Ensure the cloth is securely fastened, so it doesn’t obstruct your view or become a distraction while driving.

10. Personalized Decorations

Lastly, many vehicle owners like to add a touch of personalization to their rearview mirrors by hanging small decorative items. These can include keychains, hanging ornaments, lucky charms, or even small plush toys. Just be sure these additions do not obstruct your line of sight or interfere with the mirror’s functionality.


the rearview mirror can serve as a versatile accessory storage space in your vehicle. From practical items like toll tags and sunglasses holders to technological advancements like Bluetooth devices and dash cams, there are numerous accessories that can be contained in the rearview mirror. Just remember to prioritize safety and ensure that whatever you attach does not obstruct your view or create distractions while driving.

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Faqs for What Accessories Fit Rearview Mirror:

1. What accessories may be contained in the rearview mirror?

The rearview mirror in a vehicle may contain various accessories that enhance convenience and safety. Here are some accessories commonly found in rearview mirrors:

1. Integrated Compass
An integrated compass provides real-time directional information, allowing the driver to easily navigate and stay on the right path.

2. Auto-Dimming Feature
Auto-dimming rearview mirrors use sensors to detect bright lights from trailing vehicles and automatically dim the mirror, reducing glare and improving visibility.

3. Garage Door Opener
Some rearview mirrors include built-in buttons or controls to operate compatible garage door openers, eliminating the need for a separate remote.

4. OnStar or Telematics Buttons
Rearview mirrors equipped with OnStar or other telematics systems may feature buttons to contact emergency services, roadside assistance, or for vehicle diagnostics purposes.

5. Display for Backup Camera
In vehicles equipped with a rearview camera system, the rearview mirror may serve as a display for the camera feed, helping the driver to safely maneuver when reversing.

6. Integrated Microphone
Some rearview mirrors have an integrated microphone for hands-free phone calls, enabling drivers to make and receive calls while keeping their hands on the steering wheel.

7. Temperature and Compass Display
A rearview mirror with temperature and compass display provides information regarding the external temperature and the vehicle’s heading, assisting with navigation and comfort.

Final Thoughts

The rearview mirror of a vehicle can accommodate a range of useful accessories. These accessories may include items such as dashcams, garage door openers, toll transponders, and compasses. Each of these accessories serves a specific purpose, enhancing the functionality and convenience of the rearview mirror. Dashcams provide video evidence in case of accidents, while garage door openers allow for easy access to your home. Toll transponders enable seamless payment at toll booths, and compasses aid in navigation. With these accessories, the rearview mirror becomes a versatile tool, adding value to the driving experience.

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