Polk Audio DB401 Reviews

Polk Audio DB401 Reviews And Specifications

here we are with Polk Audio DB401 Reviews And Specifications. Whenever I go shopping, I find very few dresses that match my choice and I think without those dresses the rest of them are not good enough. It’s my very personal observation, but at the end of the day, all the dresses have been sold out! Strange!

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Later I found the solution. Actually, it’s all about priority and human savor that has grown up based on priority. The dress seems to me not good enough the same dress seems best to someone else. Basically, people set a priority factor to choose a thing for them.

People mainly focus on three factors. They are

  1. Some care about quality.
  2. Some care about the outlook.
  3. And, some care about both.

Polk Audio DB401 4 ” Coaxial Speakers are for those who care about both. A fantastic outlook and a great performance made this speaker one of the best. The speaker has all the features to revive your music experience.

Polk Audio DB401 Reviews:

Good music becomes great when you hear it in Polk Audio DB401 4-Inch Pair Coaxial Speakers. The manufacturers make an ideal combination of premium quality speaker materials with an implausible design to eliminate distortion. As a result, the speaker is able to produce smooth frequency response, sharp detail, and high volume without any strain.

Polk Audio DB401 4-Inch Pair Coaxial Speakers are made from polymer/mica composite and surrounded by rubber materials. The built-in two-way crossovers direct the high and low frequencies to the right driver to produce seamless, efficient sound.

The car speaker brands feature db design grills and stainless mounting hardware that will give your car interior an ultimate stylish outlook.

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Still confused about its quality!

Let me walk you through its features and benefits.

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Rubber Surrounded Woofers:

Woofers are surrounded by rubber materials that are durable and protect the woofers from extreme temperatures, moisture, sunlight, and time. The rubber materials also facilitate in flexible vibration of the speaker cone.

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Powerful Dome Tweeters:

These best-quality car speakers are prepared with 0.75-inch liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite dome tweeters that use a neodymium magnet to produce high-frequency reproduction.  These powerful tweeters will envelop you in bright musical detail.

Two-way Crossovers:

The built-in two-way crossovers drive the sound frequencies to the right drivers which means high frequency to the tweeters and low frequency to the woofers. As a result, the crossovers can create better stereo envision and better soundstage.

Easy Installation:

This high-quality 4-inch car speaker comes in a Multi-hole mounting pattern and of 3/4 inch shallow depth, which facilitates easy drop installation. Anyone can install it with zero technical knowledge.

Boat and Ship Usable:

These series speakers also come in marine-certified patterns so anyone can use the speaker on boats and ships. The marine-certified speakers are water resistant.

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Sensitivity and Power Handling Capacity and Frequency:

Polk Audio DB401 has a sensitivity score of 91 dB, a power handling capacity of 45 watts in RMS and 135 watts in Peak, and a frequency response of 85-22,000 Hz.

High Sound Output:

The speakers used a low-mass 2layer 25 millimeter Kapton voice former which is lightweight and able to produce high sound output.


  • Fantastic dome tweeter.
  • Surrounding rubber protection.
  • Specific drivers for high and low frequencies.
  • Great build quality.
  • Stylish outlook.


  • Did not come with terminal connectors.
  • While the sound is excellent, it doesn’t live up to some of our favorite high-end speakers.
  • It also has the occasional tendency to distort at high volume levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Do these 4 inches car speakers are waterproof?

Basically, these speakers are splash resistance, not waterproof.

2. What is the width of the speaker across the center mounting hole to mounting hole?

If you measure from corner to corner diagonally across the center it measures 5 inches.

3. What is the diameter of the grills?

The diameter is 5 1/2 inches they stick up 1 inch in height

4. What is the detailed dimension of these speakers?

The detail dimensions are cut-out diameter 3 11/16 (9.37cm), Full-Range Mounting Depth – Bottom Mount 1 15/16 (4.92cm), Full-Range Mounting Depth – Top Mount 1 13/16 (4.60cm), and the Grille – Height 13/16 (2.06cm).

5. What is the size of the cutout hole of this 4-inch car speaker?

4” circle.

Final Thought

Polk Audio is well-sounded name in the audio industry with a wide array of audio equipment for every purpose. Polk has been delivering some best 4-inch car speakers for their users DB401 is one of them.

Blast sound and Polk one is the substitute of other. If you care about the interior design of your car and also love to have a good speaker, Polk Audio DB401 4-Inch Pair Coaxial Speakers is the best option for you.

Polk Audio 4-Inch coaxial speaker is equipped with all the modern-day components of the car speaker. It has 2-way crossovers, dome tweeter which is silk-made, and a rubber surrounded the body.

Moreover, the speaker is also stylish, so it not only delivers good sound it also decorates your car interior. So I think if you really love the music and want the best 4-inch stylish speaker for yourself, Polk Audio DB401 4 ” deserves your attention.

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