How To Install Tweeters In Your Car

How To Install Tweeters In Your Car ( Step by Step Guide )

Today we discuss How To Install Tweeters In Your Car. perhaps you are looking for a self-engineering guide on How To Install Tweeters in your car by yourself. 

If my idea is right, then welcome to my page. Because I am going to provide you with full concepts of how To Install Tweeters In Your Car. With this guide, you will also know some essential tips about the best place to put tweeters in your classy car.

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Well, before starting the installation process, there are a couple of things you should be very specific about before buying any tweeters.

what do tweeters do?

Tweeters are a type of speaker that is typically used for high frequencies. They are often used in car audio systems to give the music a fuller, richer sound. Many people believe that using tweeters can greatly improve the sound quality of their car stereo.

Tweeters For a Car:

The first thing is, what are tweeters and what type of service it will provide you? Tweeters are speakers which provide a high-frequency audio system that regular speakers cannot do. It works combined way with the woofer (produces low-frequency sound). Thus a remix of high and low-frequency tunes makes the car audio system ecstatic.

Now come to my second consideration point. That is, what types of tweeters are suitable for your vehicle? Will you buy a component or coaxial tweeters? Here, I can say it depends on what you want for your car. Because coaxial types tweeters come in a combined pack and have no problem of installing.

You can also get this at a reasonable price but keep in mind that the sound quality might not be better as component tweeters. As component tweeters install separately, definitely each part of the tweeter produces high-quality bass.

But whatever you buy either component or coaxial, tweeters are must-required equipment for your car speaker installation. However, for installing tweeters, three different types of mounting systems are also available. You just follow on to this and do it as it is. I am sure; your mounting setup will work correctly.

The mounting process:

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  • Bottom mounting
  • Surface mounting
  • Flush mounting
  • Angle mounting

Bottom mounting

It is the easiest way of mounting, and you just have to press or push the tweeters inside the existing grill. For this, you do not need to make any extra holes.

Surface Mounting:

In this process, the tweeter is mounted on the top, and generally, it is preferable if you do not have enough space for flush mounting. The tweeters are placed in a security cup. The cup is then fixed in the mounting place with the screwdriver. Here, you may need to make a small hole in the back for a wire connection with the speaker.

Flush mounting:

Flush mounting is the most common customized way to mount tweeters. Mainly, you need to make a big hole in the door or dashboard and flush it with the inner panel. But the problem you may face here is making the hole.

Angle mounting:

To get better bass, angle mounting is preferable. In fact, now a day, many cars manufacturer provide inbuilt angle mounting facilities. This way, the user can slightly adjust the tweeters at their convenience. It would not be a problem if the tweeters were mounted on the panel.

How To Install Tweeters In Your Car:

Therefore, after proper mounting, you can start with the installation process. Here, you must be careful about location (where you want to set up tweeters) and what sort of modification (cutting, doing holes) is needed in your car.

Anyway, wherever you set up tweeters that do not matter but remember, you should keep the tweeters above the woofers, and it should be at least 12″ or more. Because there may cause sound distortion or might create unrealistic sound because of a misplacement set-up between woofers and tweeters.

After choosing the perfect place, here are some location tips that can help you to install tweeters in a car:

  • Upper door location.
  • “A” Pillar.
  • Snail panel.
  • Dash location

Upper Door location:

If you want to install tweeters in the top door, you need to drill a large hole in the door panel to fix the new tweeter. If your car does not have an automated tweeter system or if the place is too small to install, then you can choose an overhead door location.

“A” Pillar:

Do you want to do a surface mount to your tweeter? Then, “A” Pillar location is just right for you. Because the “A” pillar means the place between the front door and front windshield and forms a vertical support-like pillar, you can easily do surface mounting effortlessly in the “A” pillar position.

Snail Panel:

Some cars had factory tweeters placed on the top of the door window corners. But, it might not give you the whole enjoyment. So, you can install additional tweeters by doing flush or bottom mounting.

Dash location:

Finally, comes to the dash location which I like most. Because no holes are compulsory and it comes with inbuilt factory tweeters. The tweeters are placed in the dash and you can also perform bottom mounting.

After considering the ideal location, let us now start with the wiring and connecting process. If you have made all the points mentioned earlier correctly, then it will not take time to connect tweeters to the speakers.

How to Change Your Car Speaker
How to Change Your Car Speaker

How to Wire Tweeters In a Car:

  • Install or add a crossover and connect it to an amplifier or the external head unit source.
  • Connect the other side of the crossover with the main power.
  • After that, plug in the high-frequency wire from the crossover to the tweeter and the low-frequency wire from the crossover to the woofer.

That’s it. You have completed the wiring.

how to install super tweeters?

to install super tweeters in your car audio system, One way is to place them in the A-pillar, which is the metal frame that supports the windshield. You can also mount them in the doors or somewhere near the rear deck.

When installing super tweeters, it’s important to use a crossover network to prevent them from reproducing bass frequencies. You can either build your own crossover or purchase one that’s specifically designed for super tweeters.

Also, be sure to connect the super tweeters to an amplifier that has enough power to drive them. If you don’t have an amplifier with enough power, you can use a speaker emulator such as the Rockford Fosgate Speaker.

How to Connect Tweeters to Speakers:

After wiring, you have to place the woofer and tweeters in the same location (mounting location) by maintaining distance. And in this way, your tweeters are ready to with the speakers.

How Tweeters Work With The Speakers:

Now let’s see the working process of tweeters. When we add a crossover to the speaker, it passes high-frequency tunes to the tweeter and low-frequency tunes to the woofer. As a result, the tweeter and woofer generate a better stereo system, and it compensates for the speaker sound. Thus it feels like, all the sounds are coming from the speakers with beat and bass.

how to wire bullet tweeters?

Answer: Bullet tweeters are one of the most popular types of tweeters on the market today. They are known for their high-quality sound and durability. When shopping for a bullet tweeter, it is important to consider the size, impedance, and power handling capabilities.

The first step is to determine the size of the bullet tweeter. Tweeters come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to select one that will fit in the chosen location. The next step is to select a tweeter with the correct impedance rating. Most tweeters have an impedance of 4 ohms or 8 ohms. It is important to use a multimeter to check the voltage rating on the wires leading up to the tweeter before connecting anything.


1. how to hook up tweeters in a car?

There are different ways that you can hook up tweeters in a car. The most common way is to wire them into the front speakers. This can be done by running a wire from the positive terminal of the speaker to the positive lead on the tweeter and then running a wire from the negative terminal of the speaker to the negative lead on the tweeter.
Another common way is to wire them into the rear speakers. This can be done by running a wire from the positive terminal of the speaker to the positive lead on the tweeter and then running a wire from the negative terminal of the speaker to either the ground or directly to the battery negotiator.

2. how to wire tweeters with built-in crossover to the amp?

The most common way is to connect the negative terminal of the tweeter to the negative terminal of the speaker output on the amp, and then connect the positive terminal of the tweeter to the positive terminal of the speaker output on the amp. This will work fine in most cases, but if you find that your tweeters are sounding dull or distorted,
you may want to try connecting them directly to the battery terminals on the amp. This will bypass any circuitry in the amp that could be causing problems, and it should give you much cleaner sound.

3. how to wire tweeters without crossover?

You can’t. A crossover is required to properly direct the higher and lower frequencies to the appropriate tweeters and woofers. Without a crossover, the sound will be muddy and undefined.

4. how to wire tweeters with built-in crossover to the amp?

First, you’ll need to know the impedance of your tweeters. Most tweeters have an impedance of 4 or 8 ohms. Next, you’ll need to know the wattage rating of your amp. Most amps are rated for either 50 or 100 watts per channel. Once you have those two figures, you can determine the proper wiring configuration for your system.

How To Install Tweeters In Your Car

Final Thought

So, here we have arrived at the end of our topic. Though the discussion is about how to install tweeters in a car, you have got a full guideline about tweeters, I assume. I hope, you already like the short installation process from this article and will also apply if you have suitable tweeters to install in your car.

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