HHow to Connect a Subwoofer into Car Stereo

How to Connect a Subwoofer into Car Stereo Without an Amplifier

Who does not like to play music with deep bass and sound in the car?

We expect, almost all of us to want to enjoy music and passing our relaxing time in a party mood in a car.  For this reason, adding some extra subwoofers in a car would be a great idea. Therefore if you think about adding subwoofers, then you have to spend some extra bugs for adding a powerful amplifier.

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How to Connect a Subwoofer into Car Stereo:

As a subwoofer is simply a speaker and any speaker requires more power to produce a deeper sound you may be overwhelmed by purchasing other amplifiers along with the subwoofer.

On top of that, what will you do if you have a compact size car or no place to maintain extra equipment? Plus, adding an extra amplifier depends on the car, subwoofer model, size, brand, channels, and finally cost. Therefore, considering all the reasons, perhaps you are not ready to spend extra bugs for music purposes.

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So by keeping all these points in mind, we have come up with a suitable perfect, and user-friendly solution. That is, connecting a subwoofer in a car stereo without an amplifier. But you might be thinking about whether it is possible or not.

Yes, it is absolutely possible. However, to know details about this, let’s recognize some basics about why the amplifier is used with the subwoofer or if is it compulsory to have an amplifier. Basically, an amplifier is used to provide more wattage of power to the subwoofer to produce deep bass.

Therefore, if you want deep-thumping bass, definitely you need an amplifier. But you can also enjoy hip tops, and decent tunes without even using an amp.

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Thus, the installation and connection are not at all complex, and truly it’s a very easy process. You need to do some wiring, subwoofer replacement, and some small mechanism. So, keep reading this article, and we assure you you will be able to connect a subwoofer in your car without an amp.

How Do Subwoofers Work

Let’s start with a small mechanism.

  1. You can use an extra battery rather than factory stock to induce more power to the car.
  2. By wiring the rear speaker output as a subwoofer output, you will not get a shattering bass, but it will add extra frequency to your sound system.
  3. You can also make a plan to use the subwoofer as a boat anchor and a doorstop on the floor or the door panel.
  4. Or you can focus on the head unit. Some head unit has inbuilt power to provide distortion-free sound, and by adding a high pass crossover with the head unit, you can sort out the problem.
  5. Apart from this, you can also work with the preamp output of the head unit if it has one. Because this output bypasses the internal inbuilt amplifier and sends a clear mind-blowing signal to the external amp.

These are small techniques you can have a preference for. Now, let’s check out the detailed process of wiring and connectivity. Out of this 5 mechanism, we will show you how to connect a subwoofer in a car without using an amplifier and by connecting rear panels.

  • Disconnect the car’s electrical system or battery completely.
  • Remove the fuse and connect the subwoofer to the main power supply to start the installation process.
  • Disconnect the speaker from the in-built car speaker by mounting dock and gaining access to the rear panel of the car stereo by using wiring.
  • After that, take out the stereo wiring and reconnect it again by using an adapter. This adapter provides power outlets to the single cable and mounts the sub in a preferable location.
  • Now you have to set the sub to the rear panel of the car such as behind the seat, under the trunk, or even the cargo area. It is noted that placement is very important here as you will do a crossover connection between the sub and car stereo to ensure the correct wiring.
  • After that, turn on the stereo from the stereo dock (rear panels stereo that runs cables from the speaker and touches the car’s floor and door panels) and check whether the sound is coming automatically and uniformly from all the locations.
  • Thereafter, it will definitely come if the wiring is ok. For extra safety, conceal the beneath wiring wit with carpeting.

These are all simple steps of how can you fix a subwoofer without using a costly amplifier. Conversely, if you want to use an amp to get powerful sound, then we advise you to buy an Active subwoofer (It has an inbuilt amplifier inside the cone) instead of the passive subwoofer (you have to connect an amplifier externally).

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Active subwoofers are also known as powered subwoofers. Now about the handling of a powered subwoofer, you must select an “under-powering” subwoofer and avoid “over-powering” one for not to cause any harm to your device. Because power can burn your subwoofer. But the problem with using a powered subwoofer is it is not long-lasting, and the magnet gets damaged easily.

how to hook up subwoofer in car

So, now you came to know that using an additional amplifier with the subwoofer depends on your choice and preference. You can effortlessly connect a subwoofer in a car without an amp and use it for a long time.

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Although we strongly recommend using only one subwoofer without an amplifier in the front deck. Else performance of the subwoofer gets reduced, and you may not be happy with the sound quality.

So, it will be the best practice to follow our mentioned advice if you are really interested in using your subwoofer speaker without using an amplifier.

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