Connect Android Phone to Car Audio System

How to Connect Android Phone to Car Audio System

We are living in an era of advanced technology where everything is changing almost every moment. Today we learn how to Connect Android Phone to Car Audio System.

Let’s talk about cars, you want to get the best one, don’t you? If someone loves to go on long drives and enjoy music while driving, he won’t compromise with quality no matter how much it costs.

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Imagine you are in the middle of a highway and you want to play some of your favorite music that is on your android phone, how can you connect your smartphone with the car audio system?

Well, it’s easy.

Let me walk you through the steps.

How you can connect the smartphone to the car stereo system depends on your car model and phone configuration.

Here, I have segmented the connectivity scheme into three parts. I hope this information will help you connect your smartphone with your car audio system and have the best quality music experience.

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How to Connect Android Phone to Car Audio System:

Let’s divide it into two parts…

  • Standard devices- Auxiliary Jack, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI connectivity, FM radio, CD playback.
  • Android apps- Android Auto, MirrorLink.

Now we are going to have a detailed discussion. Keep scrolling the page.

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Different Android apps

Auxiliary Jack:

Almost every new car has an inbuilt auxiliary jack in the back part of the stereo. To connect with your android set, you just have to use a patch cable male-to-male of 3.5 mm. First, connect one end of the android set and then connect the other part to the audio system.

It is the simplest and easiest way to connect. No software is required and cheap. However, the sound quality is not okay, and you may have to use a separate charger.


It’s a better option than an auxiliary jack but varies from car to car audio system. If you want to connect via Bluetooth, select Wireless & Networks from the Settings menu and ‘Bluetooth Settings’ from the sub-menu.

Make sure your Bluetooth antenna is in the ON position, and you will get no of nearby devices including your car’s Bluetooth device. If you get your car Bluetooth device just select that. Your vehicle is now connected to Android.

The main advantage of using Bluetooth pairing is the sound quality is far better than the auxiliary jack, and you can access the internet seamlessly through it. However, your battery charge may go low quickly because of using this wireless connection.


Mini USB sync cable also makes the Android users creasy to use in their car. There is a USB port for the Android phone and car music. Just you have to connect both ports with the USB cable and select an SD card from the free set. That’s all. You can play music from an SD card.

Though it provides the best sound, remember you cannot play internet streaming by using a USB connection. You can only use WMA, WAV, MP3, and AAC files stored on an SD card.

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FM radio, CD playback, HDMI Connectivity:

FM radio transmitters, CD playback, and HDMI connectivity are also some old sources of connecting your Android phone to your car system.

But, do you have an idea, all smartphone users have started using different apps nowadays. As apps are free of cost and easily accessible, they feel more reliant on using apps.

Android Auto:

Android Auto is one of the new integration for all android users. It is a built-in software in a car audio system and performs several functionalities such as voice commands, touchscreen navigation, etc., it also runs certain apps externally. Like, other apps you have to install android auto from Google play store and connect it via USB to your car.

But to use this app, you need Android Lollipop V5.0 or the latest.


MirrorLink has become the favorite app for all smartphone users. The use of these apps is also very simple. First, you have to download MirrorLink apps to the phone. Then you connect your car audio with MirrorLink apps via Bluetooth or USB. With these apps, you can connect multiple mobile phones and access the internet without shuffling. It also works in Wi-Fi, RTP, IP, and VNC.

The big positive point of using this app is, it is not built-in with a car audio system. So, you can use it anywhere, anytime.

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To make the information short, finally, I would like to say that the devices mentioned above and apps commonly used for connecting android phones to the car audio system. So, anything you can start to use and make the proper use of your car audio system.

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