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Alpine SPS-610c 2 Reviews and Specifications

Today we will discuss Alpine SPS-610c 2 Reviews and Specifications. Speakers are worthless if you don’t get that expected rhythm to shake your feet. That’s the point of a well-constructed speaker. If it’s built well, the woofer and the tweeter are placed accurately; that’s when you get the groove of your dream.

The woofer and tweeter are two must parts of a speaker, and you can’t expect a good audio result if these components aren’t in the right condition.

However, though coaxial speakers are pretty good, they bear higher possibility of damaging these components for being stashed altogether. Moreover, when the parts are placed back and forth, the rear part can’t send the waves exactly as it’s supposed to do.

So, for longevity and better result, component speakers are actually a pretty smart choice. But, even if you’ve made your mind to buy a component speaker set, how are you supposed to know which one would be the Top Rated Component Speaker?

Well, not a problem if you don’t have a clue. We have got an ideal suggestion for the best component speaker: Alpine SPS-610C 6-1/2″ Component 2-Way Type-S Speaker System.

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Alpine SPS-610c 2 Reviews

This component Speaker System is the best product of Alpine and one of the best-selling product in the market. It is manufactured with 6-1/2″ Type-S Series Component System.

Since it’s a component set, woofers and tweeters come individually. You have to connect them, and the connection depends on your convenience. Two woofers, two tweeters and two built-in crossovers are included in the package.

It features poly-mica woofer cone with Butyl rubber surround and wide-range silk dome tweeter. Tweeter mounting is easy with its swivel-mount system. It doesn’t matter if your factory speakers aren’t satisfying or burning out, these speakers are fit for almost any car design. That’s why it’s the all in one component speaker.

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Want the detailed description? Check out below:


Alpine SPS-610C Type-S features 6-1/2″ speaker. Woofers and tweeters come separately in a component system. It’s better because when they are not stuffed together, it gives you the freedom to make a quality driver design.

Each driver component is designed keeping the individual quality in mind, so each item is constructed with care and thus they are capable of delivering good sound frequency on their own.

The positioning is convenient too. In the coaxial system, woofers and tweeters are placed together. Sometimes one component blocks the other component’s path and you don’t receive the desired sound quality.

But with a component system, you can place the drivers anywhere you like and can enjoy full-range audio clarity without any interrupted beat.

2-Way Speaker:

It’s a 2-way speaker and works with woofer and tweeter only.

Type-S Series Speaker:

It’s a Type-S series speaker, which makes it the best replacement for factory or aftermarket speakers. Type-S series speakers improve sonic signals of any stereo system and quickly adjust with them.

Silk Dome Tweeter:

It features 1” Wide-Range Silk Dome Tweeter. Silk helps to deliver smooth high-frequency notes and aren’t easily damaging. Aluminum has been used in construction to increase durability and widen the audio range.

Best High Pitch Signals:

Pole piece comes with a copper cap. Copper cap reduces inter modulation distortion, thus delivers clearer high pitch sound.

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tweeter installation

Silk dome tweeter is featured with the swivel-mount system. So you can easily mount the piece without slipping.

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Poly-Mica Woofer Cone:

It features a Mineral-fortified polypropylene woofer cone. Mica is used for compact construction. Aluminum, potassium, and other beneficial minerals are blended together and recognized as Mica.

Polypropylene is used for the object’s internal damping protection. It’s the best component speaker for woofer construction because of its rigid structure.

Mica is injected into polypropylene to turn out such material, which is stiff and compact; but also delicate and lightweight. This rigid but sensitive material delivers clear bass and mid-range frequency.

Since it’s the woofer’s job to maintain the lower pitch frequency, poly-mica is an ideal combination for its construction. The surround is built with rubber for flexibility and easy mounting.

Resonance-Free Woofer Construction:

Resonance is pretty irritating, and this problem has been solved with HD Polymer Frame. HD Polymer Frame prevents annoying echoes and sound distortion.

Aramid Fiber Spider:

High excursion suspension is featured to provide deep bass, linearity, and break-up mode control. This optimized suspension is referred as Aramid Fiber Spider.

Easy Woofer Installation:

The woofer follows a shallow mounting design for easy mounting advantage at any location. Comes with an OEM mount adapter to fit OEM cars.

Crossover Network:

This speaker features built-in crossover network. High-Grade In-Line Crossover Network is the perfect substitute for average bass blockers. It creates a signal transition path between woofer and tweeter. This network is liable for mid-range sound distortion blockade.


It works with 240 watts power maximum, 80 watts RMS and delivers high-quality sound within 70Hz – 22kHz frequency.

This Product Is Designed For:

  • Any OEM vehicle regardless


  1. Lightweight
  2. Swivel-mounting system and OEM mount adapter
  3. Poly-mica woofer cone for clear bass and mid-range frequency
  4. Built-in crossover network for uninterrupted transition
  5. Silk tweeter for smooth and delicate high frequency
  6. Aramid Fiber Spider tech for deep bass
  7. Resonance-free woofer construction
  8. If one component is damaged, that doesn’t affect the whole system


  1. If not combined orderly; doesn’t deliver the desired result
  2. Doesn’t feature grille
  3. Tweeter lifetime is lower than woofer lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. how many ohms is has?

 4 Ohms.

2. do they feature grilles?

No, you’ll have to buy them separately.

3. do i need bass blockers for the system?

No. The system includes built-in crossovers that work like bass blockers.

4. is this a set of two speakers?

No. Since it’s a component set, it comes with two woofers and two tweeters separately.

5. is the price for just one speaker?

No, you get the fully component kit.

6. does this speaker fit in a 2013 honda?

Yes this will fit in the 2013 Honda as a front door speaker.

7. how many speakers includes?

Answer: This is a component speakers and it has his 4 speakers total.

Alpine SPS-610c 2

Final Thought

We always want fit replacement for factory products, and they are usually pretty hard to find. But with Alpine type s SPS 610c this problem is no problem at all since it’s one of the best component speaker.

OEM adapter makes it fit for any OEM vehicle when swivel-mount tweeters and shallow mounting woofers make the task easier. Silk dome tweeters deliver the best high-frequency notes, while you get a booming bass with poly-mica woofers. You won’t need any bass blocker, thanks to Alpine’s crossover network. And the most relieving fact is, the product is perfect for any budget. That’s why it’s the best one.

So, when Alpine sps-610c 2 way component speakers System gives you such satisfying result within a reasonable budget, it’d be a silly idea to bypass this item.

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